'Pugin's Heir'

Quake 4 1 v 1 or 2 to 6 player FFA


Classic Quake style gothic level. Simple and clean geometry with a focus on fun game play. Textures and assets were created from scratch as Quake 4 and the majority of designers seem some what focused on base/tech themes.

The level was compiled using Q4 1.3 and is optimised for the use of bots in either the sabot mod or q4max. A bot navigation file is included. Bots will play fairly well, despite their limitations at the time of finishing the map.

//UPDATE to the above, the download is now for Q4 1.4.2 and also includes a new bot file

Game play is fast, given the relatively small size and atrium style of the map, yet with a strong element of strategy via the use of teleporters or short cuts.

Enjoy :)