Quake 4 1 v 1 2v2 or 3 v 3 player CTF


This is the first completed CTF level I have made for Q4. The level as you can see from the screen shots above based on an industrial/abandoned warehouse theme.

The level is a little tight in the central area, which I guess is really down to a matter of personal taste. I have tried to contrast traditional 'arena' style bases with far more realistic geometry in the centre ground. The cohesion between the different styles is achieved through the texture set and lighting styles.

Once again in order to produce a fresh and original level it was necessary to create new game assets. The Sky box is a conversion of a Q3 sky by Mighty Pete, and the glorious warehouse ceiling is from Lunaran. The remainder of the textures were created by myself either from the ground up or from photo sources.

Probably around half of the levels geometry was modelled externally in Blender3D, as were the hanging light models.

The map is optimised for bot play and a bot navigation file is included.


Now compiled for Q4 1.4.2 complete with new bot file