'Shut Up When I'm Talking To You'

Quake 3 FFA and Tourney


Hmm, I seem to be making a habit of not not doing any more maps for Q3! In truth, I was bored and started a speed map, that kinda grew into this.

The level is busted up concrete and rock. If you imagine a futuristic mining facility that has been converted into an arena, half buried in a hill side, you'll be pretty much there.

I added a few trick jump areas and the odd little fun feature just for the hell of it. I'm not sure the ramp jump from the crates to the 'nade launcher corridor is possible in vanilla Quake 3, but it certainly is in CPMA.

Performance will be a bit iffy on older machines. Some of the items in the outside area seem to be floating higher than normal. This is due to that area being heavily bot clipped and me needing to keep the items above the level the bots will be running over. Bots play pretty well considering I wasn't sure I would be able to even compile a navigation file with a large autoclipped terrain model stuck in the map.

Any how have fun....I may actually make another map at some point :)