'Unfinished Map'

Quake 3 FFA and Tourney

Download Quake 3 version

Download Quake Live version

This little FFA and Tourney level started life as something of a level designer's joke. I wanted to create a map that looked as if it were an unfinished level inside the map editor.
As time past the level got more and more polished until it took on a life of its own.
The level uses nearly all standard Quake 3 gothic textures, but I created a handful of new textures just to help give the map a fresh feel.
The overall time from laying the first brush to completion was several months as I had to move halfway around the world in the middle of designing the map. Getting myself set up in a new country, buying a new PC then slowly gathering together all my old design tools took some time.

I have included a version of the map that will play on the Quake Live Beta. You will need to extract that pk3 from the zip file and place it in your QL baseq3 folder. Once you have loaded up a practice map you can call the level up from the console (/map dk_ufm), or load it from the vote menu.

Once Quake Live comes out of beta and proper community content is supported I may have to alter my pk3, but at the time of writing it all works fine.

Have fun and keep on fraggin'!