'A Tight Little Italian'

Quake 3 FFA and Tourney


This level (or more exactly 'these levels') was made from scratch for the 1st NoGhost mapping contest. There is a FFA version and a Tourney edition. The map is small and tight, but I never thought too restrictive though. I made use of hi res photo-realistic textures, some by the very talented Hipshot, and other by myself. The idea was to create the look of a medieval Italian town. I wanted to maintain a certain degree of realism, so I sacrificed game scale for real world scale in some areas.

After the contest I re-worked some of the textures, added ambient sounds and made a few other little tweaks that between the time scale of the contest and real life work I didn't have time to fix before the contest ended.

I should add the FFA version of the map is not intended as serious. The map is far too small for 8 players, but the contest rules required at least 8 player spawns, so I left it in. First and foremost this is a Tourney map, and only really intended for that.

Have fun folks.